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About Us

Vogel Tool & Die began in Chicago when Julius Vogel's invented a punch & die process to notch the end of a pipe, so it could fit against the side of another pipe.  Prior to his invention, time-consuming grinding or torch cutting was the common method.  Julius Vogel's invention was granted a US patent in 1938.  The company was owned by 4 generations of Vogel family until 2009, when it was aquired by Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, another Chicago-area family business.

Vogel's pipe notchers remain as one of our most popular products and are in use world-wide. Over the years, Vogel's product line has expanded to include tools to cut tubes, piercing, slotting, mitering and much more.  Since our founding, our tools have alwasy been produced in the Chicagoland area. 


We are pleased to announce that Vogel's President, Tom Simeone, was awarded the 2017 Winzeler Award by the Tooling & Manufacturing Assocation [TMA].  The Winzeler Award is presented to individuals who have provided oustanding service to the industry and the Association.  The TMA supports industry by providing educational opportunities, industry representation and services to foster global competitiveness.


"We received the tools today. They look great. Very well built. Thank you for your help on this project." - Minnesota Mfg. of safety equipment.

"Again, thank you for responding so quickly and for the options you have given.  You have excellent customer service and I wish every company that we deal with was as customer service oriented as you have been." -  Contractor in Georgia

"I see you are celebrating 80 years of American made products.  Congratulations and thank you…we may have one of the first models that rolled off your line!" California fence company

"I just wanted to let you know what a great notching tool you have there. I just had to order a new 9202A to replace the 9202 we have here that is around 40 years old ... It would be easy to say we make around 3000 gates a year or more between all the locations. We all use the Vogel notching tool, in my opinion it is the best in my industry. So it is nice to know that someone like Vogel is still out there making high quality tools." - Georgia fence company

Industries Served

Who uses Vogel Tool & Die Tooling? Our customer base is vast and includes, virtually anyone that fabricates parts from metal tubing. From an exercise treadmill to wheelchairs, to truck brush guards and car mufflers, Vogel tools have helped to manufacture thousands of products you encounter every day. Below are just a few examples of industries and products that are produced with our equipment.

Vogel tools have been Made in Illinois for over 75 years

Harvesting equipment, lawn aeration equipment, livestock corrals, chain link fences, gates

Chain-link fences, picket fences, hand-rails, guardrails, highway signage, barricades, scaffolding, temporary rental fences, gates

Chairs, desks, audio-visual wall mount systems, bunk bed frames, tables, banquet tables

Conveyor rollers, machine guarding & barriers, racking systems, scaffolding, storage systems, catwalks, modular office framing.

Medical Equipment
Wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, gurneys

Outdoor Items
Picnic tables, benches, chairs, patio furniture, barbeque grills, flagpoles

Recreational Equipment
Treadmills, weight lifting benches, car-top ski racks, trampoline frames, pool ladders

Bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, ATV's, snowmobiles, aircraft, boats & ships

And more...

Poles for birdhouses, store display fixtures & racks, hot water heaters, refrigerators, mufflers, gas burners, garage door rails, hammocks, Christmas tree stands, stoves, ovens, washers & dryers, outdoor lighting systems, go-carts, children's strollers & carriers, roll-cages for auto racing.

Regardless of what industry YOU are in, if you need to make parts from metal tubing or pipe, we can help. Please contact us to discuss the details of your project.


Vogel Tool & Die, LLC is proud to serve manufacturers in many industries.

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