Vogel Tool and Die Shipping Information

UPS Shipping

Our smaller tools, such as Arc-Fit, Econo Arc-Fit, and replacement parts will ship via United Parcel Service. You may select UPS's full range of delivery options, including ground, 3-day, 2-day or overnight service.

Normally UPS shipping is 'prepay & add'. In other words, although you are responsible for shipping charges, we will pay UPS and add the shipping & handling to your order total. This means a single charge for the cost of the tool, the shipping and handling charges, and sales tax if your ship-to location is in Illinois.

Please note that we do not quote UPS freight charges in advance. In light of today's gasoline prices, fuel surcharges change frequently, and may change in the time between when the order is placed and the shipping date. In addition, we do not know your order's exact weight till your order is fully packaged and ready for shipment.

If you have an account with UPS, you may request we ship 'freight collect'. UPS will bill you for the shipping charges. You must provide your UPS account number if requesting this option.

Fed-Ex Shipping

UPS is Vogel's standard carrier for small parcels. Although we understand some customers may prefer other carriers, it is extremely difficult to accommodate these requests without significant delays to our daily shipments activities as well as incurring additional costs from the special handling required. If you request shipping via Federal Express, we will accommodate your request, however we will add a $20.00 fee to your order to partially offset our additional costs. Selecting Fed-Ex shipping may also add 1 working day to your shipment, to allow us to arrange for the pickup of the shipment.

Truck Shipping

Larger and heavier products, such as machines or larger tools supplied in die sets are normally shipped via truck.

All truck shipments are freight collect. Truck lines will not provide a firm price at time of shipment that we can prepay and add to an invoice. Actual charges are determined after pick up. For this reason we cannot 'prepay & add' truck charges and must ship freight collect.

When you are ordering product that will ship via truck, we will ask you to select the carrier you wish us to use. This will allow you to select a carrier that you have an account with, and typically, receive discounted pricing. If you have an account, the truck line will invoice you for the shipping charges. If you do not have an account with the truck line selected, the truck line will expect payment at time of delivery.

Shipments to California

Prop 65 Statement: The products supplied by Vogel Tool Die, LLC  may contain material containing chemicals regulated under California’s Proposition 65, however these products are not required to be labeled with a Prop 65 warning because the exposure level does not meet or exceed the respective ‘no significant risk level’ (for regulated carcinogens) and / or the ‘maximum allowable dose level’ (for regulated reproductive toxicants).

International Shipping

Vogel ships our products world-wide to most countries, to the extent permitted by United States export policies. All shipments outside the USA must be fully paid prior to shipment. We do not charge higher export pricing, however we may charge a $25.00 document fee, depending on the nature and extent of export documentation required. If special packaging, crating or certifications (such as specially treated and certified lumber for a wood skid) is required, we may charge additional fees to cover these extra costs.

For shipments outside of North American, we strongly encourage you to select your own logistics company who will make all arrangements, including advising of necessary documentation or packaging restrictions, handle the pickup of your equipment at Vogel's factory, the transport and the importation process.

Damages/Loss Claims

All products leave Vogel well packaged in cartons, crates, or skidded, suitable for the items being shipped. Unfortunately, as with all shipped goods, a small percentage of shipments may incur damage in transit.

Good receiving practices include inspecting all goods at time of delivery. Note all damage on any documents you sign. If you are unable to fully inspect the shipment at the time of delivery, you may wish to write "Subject to inspection and concealed damage". If you sign a shipping document and do not note any damage, any subsequent damage claim will likely be automatically denied by the shipping company.

In the event of significant damage, you may wish to consider refusing the shipment. If you accept the shipment, fully notate all damage and / or missing items when signing any documents. Save all packaging and materials. We recommend photographing the shipment 'as received' and as it is opened. Contact Vogel immediately.

The party paying for the transportation is the only party that can file a freight claim. If Vogel shipped via UPS, 'prepay & add', then Vogel will initiate the damage claim. If Vogel shipped via UPS 'freight collect', then you must file the damage claim.

All truck shipments are freight collect, therefore you must always be the party to initiate a damage claim with a trucking company. You must do this within a maximum of 48 hours, or generally the claim will be automatically denied, regardless of fault.

Vogel Tool & Die will assist in every way in the filing of damage claims, however you are still responsible for paying for the products ordered and any additional items ordered to replace missing / damaged items within normal payment terms - even if the claim is not yet resolved and / or is not resolved favorably.