TUBE CUT OFF with 4" OD Max Capacity
Dimple-Free, Minimal Burr

Depend on Vogel for cut off equipment that will help you increase efficiency, while reduce part handling and cost! Our two-blade cutoff technique, originally patented in 1941, cuts tubes, up to 4” OD, with no OD deformation and minimal burr (10% or less of tube’s wall thickness).  Minimum capacity 1/4" OD.  Die Inserts (that clamp tube during cutting) and blades can be changed without removing the cut off die from your press.

                                       Cut Off Die with inserts & blades for 4" OD is in-stock for immediate shipment <

  • No OD Deformation
  • Minimal Burr
  • Up to 4” OD capacity
  • No chips to remove from part
  • Minimal scrap loss per cut
  • Fast production rates
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low perishable costs
  • Quick change over
 4P Cut Off Die  
 Regular Price
 Sale Price
 4P Cut Off Die
 $27,500.00  $23,500.00    
 4P Die Round Die Inserts
 $3,875.00  $3,475.00    
 4P Vertical Blades
 $150.00  $135.00    
 4P Horizontal Blades
 $50.00  $45.00    






Sales price for (1) Cut Off Die in stock as of April 2013.  Once sold, normal pricing will resume.  No other discounts apply. Prices are FOB our factory, in Addison, IL