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Our Vogel Outlet will list new overstocked tools at discounted prices along with reconditioned items. Any reconditioned items will be sold at a discounted price, but carry a new product standard warranty against manufacturer’s defects.  These items are not available for online purchase, so if you’re interested, please contact us to order any items Vogel Outlet items.


(2)      CSP-25-SA Replacement Powerpacks           Regular price $1,925.00 each              Outlet pricing $1,365.00 each

CSP-25-SA Replacement Powerpack Pricing is for the a replacement powerpack that is used with Vogel’s CSP-25-SA Press. Simply disconnect the hydraulic hose from your existing powerpack and connect to the new powerpack. Includes foot switch with safety guard.  120V, 20amp.





For reference, this is the complete CSP-25-SA Press.







Items listed are subject to availability.  No further discounts are available.