Cutting Tools - Round and Square Tubing, Solid Shapes & Extrusions

Vogel offers a variety of cutting tools – round & square tubing, solid Shapes & extrusions.

Our tube cutting dies, designed for use in your press, cut metal tubing with no deformation and minimal burr. Unlike saw cutting, our tube cutting dies produce a slug, not chips, eliminating secondary handling which saves time and money.  Blades are low cost and easily replaceable without removing the cut off die from your press.

We also offer tools for parting solid shapes like round bar, flat stock & angle iron.  These tools part the material with no scrap.

Cutting Tools – Round & Square Tubing, Solid Shapes & Extrusions – Made in the USA for over 80 years.

All Vogel tools are designed for mild steel or stainless steel.  Pipe that deviates from ASTM standards, with properties such as increased yield strength, or tubing made of HSLA materials high-strength alloys will exceed the capacity of our tooling and cannot be successfully processed with our tools.  Use of Vogel tools in these situations is NOT recommended and can result in tool failure and risk of injury.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the material is appropriate and suitable for Vogel tools.  Material issues interfering with Vogel tool performance are not considered a tool manufacturing defect and will not be covered under Vogel’s product warranty.  Returns will not be accepted for tools damaged by use with inappropriate materials.