Pipe Notchers & Tube Notchers

Pipe Notchers and Tube Notchers – invented by Vogel!

To fasten a pipe to the side of another pipe requires creating a radius at the end of one pipe that matching the side of the mating pipe.  This is called commonly called pipe notching, but can also be called coping, fishmouthing, birdsmouth and more. Read more on Wikipedia.

Vogel invented the Arc-Fit method, the first quick and easy way to perform a 90 degree using a simple punch and die process over 80 years ago!

To notch with the Arc-Fit method, you need a punch & die assembly, a spring loaded housing, and a power source. The power source could be Vogel’s hand-operated press, a Vogel hydraulic press, or your own press, press brake or ironworker.  Watch videos of our notching tools on YouTube.

Today we offer a broad range of tools for pipe and tube notching.  We have  basic, low cost tools that are perfect for the hobbyist, rancher or small shop owner. We also offer high production options designed for high volume manufacturing.  With so many options, you can find the tool perfect for your application, budget and part volume.

Please make a selection below to learn about our different choices for 90 degree notching tools.

We have made thousands of different sizes of custom pipe and tube notchers.  Examples of custom notching tools include notching one size of pipe to fit a different size, notching to fit pipe or tube and adding a drainhole, notching a square tube to fit a round tube, notching a V-shape, slot and more.  If you don’t see what you need, please contact us!

8/15/2023 P.S.  Competitors our selling copies of our pipe notcher on Amazon for  $1099.00.  Popular sizes of our original pipe notcher are only $475.00!

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