“S & R Custom Panels, LLC has manufactured steel galvanized livestock panels, gates and shelters since 1996. Our Arc-Fit has been one of our greatest assets to our operation. When we purchase tools for our operation, we demand the utmost quality, long lasting and low maintenance products to optimize & maximum production. Our Arc-Fit notcher has cycled hundreds of thousands of time a year and has provided us with clean and accurate notches every year. It has paid for itself 1000 times over with no breakdowns or extensive maintenance. This tool has been a core piece of machinery in our manufacturing” – S & R Custom Panels, LLC

“We received the tools today. They look great. Very well built. Thank you for your help on this project.” – Minnesota Mfg. of Safety Equipment

“Again, thank you for responding so quickly and for the options you have given. You have excellent customer service and I wish every company that we deal with was as customer service oriented as you have been.” – Contractor in Georgia

“I see you are celebrating 80 years of American made products. Congratulations and thank you…we may have one of the first models that rolled off your line!” – California Fence Company

“I received the new press Monday afternoon and it is working like a charm cutting like butter.” – Fence Contractor, California

“I just wanted to let you know what a great notching tool you have there. I just had to order a new 9202A to replace the 9202 we have here that is around 40 years old … It would be easy to say we make around 3000 gates a year or more between all the locations. We all use the Vogel notching tool, in my opinion it is the best in my industry. So it is nice to know that someone like Vogel is still out there making high quality tools.” – Georgia Fence Company

“I can’t believe that it has been ten years since we started doing business with you and your company. The best thing is that your company has never slipped on their service and quality of product you produce. We have no doubt that the next ten years will be the same or better.”  Vanguard Aluminum Fences