Sharpening Service for Your Vogel Tools

Did you know that most Vogel tools are designed to be sharpenable?

Because many tools contain compound angles, splines and other geometry that must be maintained, we strongly recommend your return your tools to Vogel for sharpening.

Please wrap your tooling securely and send to:

Attn: Sharpenings
Vogel Tool & Die, LLC.
5 W Laura Drive
Addison, IL 60101

Please enclose a name/address/phone & fax number inside the package so we know who to send the quote to, (normally via fax). Don’t forget to ensure your shipment for its replacement cost, in case it is lost or damaged in transit.

Our sharpening service is based on our workload at the time we receiver your tools. Your tools may take up to 1 week to inspect and quote and 2 – 3 weeks to perform the work, once the quote is approved and the sharpening orders. This will of course vary, based on our workload at the time. You may wish to consider purchasing a replacement part first, so sharpening time is not an issue. This will also let you perform future sharpenings at your convenience since you will always have a spare.

Costs are based on condition. Please note that a sometimes, the tools we receive are too worn to be sharpened. More frequent sharpenings mean less material must be removed each time and increase the tool’s total life.  We do not offer sharpening service for any tools that are not manufactured by Vogel Tool & Die.  If you have any questions about sharpening your Vogel tools, please contact us.