Tube Piercing Tools

Vogel Tube Piercing Tools are offered in standard designs.  We can also offer custom tools designed to your specialized part requirements.

The selections below are for unsuported piercing. This means that there is no internal support and therefore no limit to the length of your part. Unsupported piercing means that there will be deformation around the pierced hole.  However all our tools clamp the tube to prevent OD bulging on round tubes or deformation to the side walls of square and rectangular tubing.

These tools are designed to be installed into your own press or press break and you control the location of where the hole will be pierced.

If your part requires a ‘clean’ hole with no deformation to the tube, a custom piercing tool with an internal support will be needed.  Please send us details of your application to request a quote of a custom Vogel tube piercing tool.

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