Vogel Tool & Die makes most of our tools available for export.  Some things to know:

DEALERS – In most countries, we do not have dealers. We do have a few dealers in Canada, however they are currently not stocking our tools, so shipments are made from our Chicago area factory

PRICES – All prices quoted are in US dollars.  Export prices are slightly higher than domestic shipments. This is to help cover the cost of additional packaging, additional documents, required staff training on export regulations and the higher cost of any warranty claims.

PAYMENTS – We do not currently offer international billing.  International orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. Payments are normally handled with ACH / wire transfer, or for smaller orders, credit cards.

SHIPPING – Most international customers select their own logistics company to pick up and transport their new Vogel tools. In this case, the customer will contract with and pay the logistics company.  In no cases will Vogel accept funds and then pay a logistics firm that is customer selected. If you wish Vogel to handle shipping, we work with UPS and will provide a quote. If accepted, this will be added to the costs of the tools and part of prepayment due prior to shipment.

LIMITS ON EXPORTING – Most Vogel tools are available for export, however we currently are only offering our CSP-25-SA Hydraulic Press for export to North America (Mexico / Canada).

EXPORT WARRANTY – All Vogel products, whether sold in the US or internationally carry a one year warranty against defects in manufacturing.  If a product is suspected of being defective, it is the customer’s responsibility to return to Vogel for inspection. If determined to be defective, we will reimburse freight (requires shipping via most economical method). We will also cover return freight to return the repaired or replaced item.