Our history: As America underwent a manufacturing revolution, there was a massive need to develop tools and procedures to improve productivity.

One of those needs was to find a quicker way to prepare the end of a pipe so it could be welded to the side of another pipe.  This common pipe joint typically began with a welder using a grinder, or torch cutting the end of one pipe so it would fit around the circumference of the mating pipe. This was a time consuming process that resulted in inconsistent pipe ends making the welding process trickier.

Julius Vogel’s invention, what is now known as the Arc-Fit method, was granted a US patent in 1938.   It allows for quick & consistent notching of pipe and tube ends.  What we now commonly call pipe notching can also be called coping, fishmouthing, a birdsmouth and more. Read more on Wikipedia.

The process Vogel invented consists of sliding a pipe over a punch.  The bottom of the pipe is supported by an external die. This technique means the punch can cut the correct radius notch through the bottom wall of the pipe without any deformation to the pipe end.  Rotating the pipe around the punch for a second notch 180° to the first will complete the pipe end.  A lever type hand operated press was one of the original power sources.

The company was owned by 4 generations of Vogel family until 2009, when it was acquired by Manor Tool & Manufacturing Company, another Chicago-area family business.

Vogel still offers the Arc-Fit hand operated tube and pipe notching tool, but power options are also available. High production options include the Arc-Twin line of tools that will notch a tube or pipe end in one stroke.

Vogel’s tube and pipe notchers remain one of our most popular products and are in use worldwide. Over the years, Vogel’s product line has expanded to include tools to cut tubes, piercing, slotting, mitering and much more.  Since our founding, our tools have always been produced in the Chicagoland area with skilled American labor & material. Vogel tools meet the Buy American Act requirements and are Berry Amendment compliant.




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TMA Awards Mark Campbell

We are pleased to announce that Vogel’s President, Tom Simeone, was awarded the 2017 Winzeler Award by the Tooling & Manufacturing Association [TMA]. The Winzeler Award is presented to individuals who have provided oustanding service to the industry and the Association.

The TMA supports the industry by providing educational opportunities, industry representation and services to foster global competitiveness.

Manor Tool and Manufacturing Company, the parent of Vogel Tool & Die was one of five finalists in the 2017 Manufacturer of the Year award. This event was cosponsored by mHUB, U of I Labs The Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center.


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