Arc-Twin Notching Tools

Our Arc-Twin tube notcher completes your tube or pipe end in one stroke! We offer several choices:

  • DS (die set) type units are designed to be installed into your press
  • HPP (hydraulic power pack) units are self contained machines. Please note that these machines are currently not available for export.

In addition to choosing an Arc-Twin unit, you will need to select inserts (tooling) for each notching application.  Changeover time for an Arc-Twin tube notcher is under 20 minutes and with our Tandem Units, you can install two sets of tooling, the same or different. This gives you the ability to eliminate changeover time, or boost your productivity by producing one notched end on two different parts with each press stroke!

We offer a orientation device that can be used to maintain orientation when both ends of a part require notching.

Because Arc-Twin tools notch a slug, there are no chips clinging to the part, like when the tube end is machined. This eliminates secondary handling which saves time and money.

Tooling is sharpenable for long life. Customers frequently complete 20,000 notchers or more before sharpening is required. With regular maintenance, 3 – 5 sharpenings before replacement is needed is not unusual.

We only show a few popular sizes of 90 degree pipe notching tools.  We can also custom make tools for special applications.  Examples of custom notches include:

  • One size notched to fit a different size
  • Square or rectangular tubes notched to fit round
  • A notch to fit another tube with a drainhole

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific notching needs, so we can recommend the best options. You can also send us a print of your part so that we can prepare a quote tailored to your exact application.

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