When we hear about dull notchers, chipped blades and similar, the cause tends to be the same – not properly lubricating the tool and parts.

Our cut off dies and pipe notchers are such a staple in so many shops, sometimes it can be easy to overlook proper use.  Something as simple as notching the end of a pipe still means that metal is being cut.  When cutting metal, lubrication is essential, not only to reduce friction but also to help reduce heat.

A quick and easy way to ensure pipes are properly lubricated is to maintain a bucket located near your pipe notcher (a bucket that can be covered when not in use to prevent contamination and debris).  Simply dunk each pipe end before inserting into your Vogel notcher.

Our cut off dies include fitting for adding lubrication that will coat the cut off blade to provide a continuous supply of lubricant.

We recommend a heavy sulfur-based brown cutting oil.  Lightweight lubricants such as ‘vanishing’, water-soluble or aerosol, like WD40 are not recommended.

We talk to people every day who are replacing a pipe or tube notcher that has been in service for a decade or more. If you want to enjoy this same kind of life with YOUR Vogel tools, don’t forget to always lubricate.

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